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Bowles Hall: UC’s Hogwarts refurbished

2016-08-27 09.08.17

Of any of you who saw the Harry Potter movies or read the books, I wonder if you had this atavistic feeling that the ideal college experience was, in a way, captured there. The idea of living and studying with groups of like-minded people surrounded by a long tradition of cultural quirks and intellectual distinction that made it, somehow, magically different from what most college experiences turn out to be–a much bigger high school campus, the only difference being the classes were harder and you (if you were lucky) lived either in the student storage units that we called “dorms” or in off campus in apartments. Either choice was, for the most part, isolating and incohesive.

Now, Bowles hall is reviving that old-time ivy tower campus ideal by providing the means for a formation of a family of fellow students who have access to an in-house library, live-in graduate students, and other academics to aid and guide their college experiences. From the website, this:

The mission and vision of the Bowles Hall Foundation is to re-establish the Bowles Hall experience in a restored Bowles Hall—breathing life back into a noble dream of a robust residential experience for male and female undergraduate students at UC Berkeley and restoring key aspects of the residential college model and the rich heritage of Bowles Hall“.

Today (August 27th) there’s going to be a reopening celebration.

Bowles Hall lives large in the history of my family. The photo above is a picture of the heavy brass ashtray representing Bowles Hall that my dad received; a souvenir of the part he played as a housing manager when the castle on the hill reverted to a UC residence hall at or around 1945.

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“Let’s Get Moving!”

Moving: from 23,000 Years Ago to the Present

bering straight

Did you know there’s a controversy about how people came to colonize the Americas? I didn’t, but apparently l was wrong. A new study has opened an old discussion and the scientists are at it again.

UC Berkeley scientists, statistical geneticists who analyzed data of a large genomic study of their modern-day descendants, believe the migrants crossed the Bering Straits land bridge, then split into two groups — mostly likely about 13,000 years ago, as glaciers melted and interior routes opened up — to inhabit North and South America.

According to some dissenters, the research is far from definitive: “I think there is likely to be ongoing debate about what could have happened between 23,000 and 12,000 years ago across the Beringian Land Bridge,” says Marcus Feldman, who was not involved in the study.

Of course not.  He’s from Stanford. He said it will take more genetic testing and analysis to paint a more definitive picture. He wants the ax, the ax, the ax.

We humans have had itchy feet from the very beginning.  Who knows why ancient people moved from place to place: curiosity, an opportunity for a better life, a need to get away from the relatives, scarcity of resources; there’s a lot of reasons why people move, but from ancient times to the present it all comes down to one thing: people want a better life and see that life beginning in a new home.

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