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Secrets to Winning the Offer War (Part 3 of 4)

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Here is Part Three of the four part series on winning the offer war. If you missed the first two,  here are the links to Part One about “PRICE” and Part Two about “TERMS.”  Today we’ll be looking at the third factor:


Once signed by buyer and seller, an offer becomes a contract.  Both sides are legally committed to its terms, which include advance agreement on how the contract can be cancelled.  These provisions are called contingencies; usually the main ones are for uncertainties buyers have about their financing, and about the property’s condition.

  •  Sellers tend to favor the highest offer, as we’ve noted before, but the best-informed sellers also pay close attention to an offer’s chances of leading to a successful sale.
  •  Strong pre-approval limits financing uncertainties.  In the present market, many sellers provide pre-sale disclosures and professional inspection reports.
  •  When advance information is extensive, sellers and their agents might read contingencies as unwarranted uncertainties.  Many offers are being presented just now, with neither financing nor inspection contingencies.
  •  The best-prepared buyer will have made a careful assessment of any risk in entering a purchase contract without contingencies.  A seasoned agent (like myself) can be a big help here.  If you MUST include contingencies, try to make them as short as possible.

Next week I will discuss the last, and very important forth factor, PERSONAL TOUCH, which I will cover in Part Four posting August 3rd.

If you’re pursuing your dream of home ownership, or if you want to sell an East Bay home, I can help.  Summer is a great time to buy or sell a home.

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“Let’s Get Moving!”

Do You Know Your Buying Power?


In this credit card economy, it’s hard to keep track of our real buying power. It starts with knowing your credit score. If you don’t, and cringe a little at finding out, this could be what’s holding you and other potential home buyers back from getting into the housing market.

I understand. I’ve been known to put my head in the sand when uncomfortable situations that involve mass quantities of money rear their heads.  What I’ve learned is that this obviously does not solve the problem. In fact, in many cases, ducking and covering can make the problem worse.

If your credit score is a problem, it’s not one without a potential solution.

  • Step one: Find out your score. There are places online that will help you do that. I don’t have one I feel comfortable recommending, so the alternate approach would be. . .
  • Step two: Find a reputable local mortgage lender. I have a list of several I recommend, one of whom is Kenny Leather* of Princeton Capital, skilled at assessing your home buying power.  If it’s not quite up to snuff, they might suggest that you. . .
  • Step three: Find a professional organization, like Continental Credit, employing helpful and friendly people like Alexandra Erlich* who know all the ins and outs of helping you raise your credit score.

If you’re planning on buying a home, imminent changes in federal lending regulations make it even more important to get your financial ducks lined up in advance, but whether or not you decide to purchase a home, getting your credit sorted out will be a big relief. You’ll feel a whole lot better when you’re on speaking terms with your income ebb and flow.

But if you do decide that you want to buy a home be sure to . . .

  • Step four: Call me at 510-418-1306. I’ll be happy to help you through this major financial decision in your life.  I’m never too busy to take care of you– or your referrals–and I’ll make sure you’re glad you called.

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