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Secrets of Winning the Offer War (Part 4 of 4)


Here is Part Four of the four part series on winning the offer war. If you missed the first two,  here are the links to Part One about “PRICE”,  Part Two about “TERMS“, and Part Three about “CONTINGENCIES”  Today we’ll be looking at the third factor:


  • Home sellers sell for a myriad of reasons. If your offer is for a home where the seller has been resident, you may assume that back when they bought the house, it was with plans for the future on their minds and optimism in their hearts.  Whatever happened between then and now, people lived in the home and hold a deep appreciation for the shelter from the storm, real and metaphorical, that it provided.  Many sellers hope the home they’re leaving will be someone else’s fresh start.  Presenting yourself as the one who will appreciate and care for the home is a way of winning hearts and minds.  It’s what agents call a “love letter,” sharing with the seller your admiration for the home, and vision of what it will be like for you to live there.
  • Have your agent present the offer in person to the sellers, if that’s possible. Agents in this area know each other– and experienced agents tend to respect and trust offers brought from someone they know has been in the business a while. Offers from such are usually clear and competent.

The tips in this four part series will help you understand exactly what it takes to create a competitive winning offer.  There is a fifth ingredient, and that’s your real estate agent. I hope you will consider me a member of your home buying team.  Together, following this plan as best we can, we’ll create beautiful winning offers.

If you’re pursuing your dream of home ownership, or if you want to sell an East Bay home, I can help.  Summer is a great time to buy or sell a home.

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“Let’s Get Moving!”

Free Fun: & Why House Hunting is like Dating


I hope you had a lovely Valentine’s day.  We did, even though I had to share part of it with clients.

My understanding wife knows that real estate never stops, even for the most important holidays, but at the end of the day, as long as I walk through the door with a dozen roses and a bottle of champagne, we’re good.

This Valentines I met with some wonderful buyer clients to see a home they had their eye on.  Properties go fast in the Bay Area, and they wanted to take a look at this home ASAP so they could consider whether or not to make an offer.

It is a lovely home in a great location, and the on-line photos are a big help, but  buying it based on that alone is a little tricky. It would be like deciding to marry a person you see on a dating site.  You have to meet person to person to get a sense whether or not the relationship has a chance.  That’s why actually walking through a property will help inform your decision more fully: it puts your imagination to work.

How would it be, for example, to live with the laundry room two floors below, or to wake up in the morning with this view, or to walk around this neighborhood? How would the holidays work? Could I fit the whole family in this dining room, or my twins in this bedroom?

All these things pass through a buyer’s mind, and, like a first date, we evaluate.  Will this home (or person) be “the one”.   Sometimes it’s love at first sight, but you can’t know for sure until you show up. When you’re  there, personally interacting with both a person or a home for sale, you can get the information you need to make rational and emotional judgements about either one.

And speaking of places to be, here’s a list of this weeks (February 17th to the 22nd) FREE fun in the Bay Area.

Mardi Gras Parade in San Francisco

Network over healthy drinks

Free Egg Rolls at the Panda Express

Berkeley Hub is starting 2015 by welcoming like-minded individuals to network and co-create

Free tax help in various Bay Area locations

FREE day at the California Academy of Science

Whatever you decide to do this next week, I hope you’ll find these choices helpful and/or fun!

If you’re an East Bay homeowner and ready to sell, this is a golden time for sellers.  If you’re looking for a home to fall in love with in this amazing area, I can help you strategize for a successful purchase.  Please give me a call at 510-527-0174 , I’m never too busy to take care of you– or your referrals–and I’ll make you glad you called.

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