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Hurry-up Home Sales

Faster than a Speeding Bullet

Well, maybe not that fast, but there’s some pretty amazing news for home sellersespecially in the Bay Area. My latest two listings were on the market for under a week and both recieved multiple offers and went for well over the asking price. Take a look at the figures on this graphic provided courtesy of the California Association of Realtors.

One reason for the rapid sales, of course, is the dirth of inventory, i.e. too few homes on the market and lots of demand. Of those homes for sale, the ones that tend to “speed off the shelves” are the ones that are reasonably priced based on their location and condition. 

The other side of this is anticdotal, but not unusual.  A home one of my buyer clients was interested in had been on the market for 242 days

A FISBO (For Sale By Owner), the guy was sure that all the improvements he had made meant the house was worth the price he was asking. There’s an old saw in the Real Estate Biz: “A home is worth what a willing buyer and willing seller agree upon.” No willing buyer lurked in this scenario. The market had decided his home cost too much. 

A savvy real estate agent would not have made this mistake. Make sure you have a realtor looking out for your interests.

Whether you’re moving in or out of this amazing Bay Area, I’d be honored to help

For SELLERS, I’ll help you prepare and market your home for sale that will give it the widest appeal and best exposure; thus attracting a bevy of buyers and the best chance for multiple offers and competitive bidding. To learn more, go to go to What’s Next Homes.

For BUYERS I’ll set up an REAlert account that will search the MLS real estate site–using requirements that you provide–for properties that meet your needs.  Once found, pictures and details will be delivered directly to your email courtesy of Coldwell Banker! 

It’s the best way for you to get a look at first-time-on-the-market properties; and this saves you wasted time and disappointment that happens when you find the perfect home but discover it’s already been sold, a common occurance when using the usual home finding sites like Trulio, Zillow, etc.  They are fun to search, but their information is often out of date. Not so with REAlert.

If you’re specifically interested in high walk score homes, click here to find those that are currently on the market in great East Bay neighborhoods. To learn more, go to go to That House Detective

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