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Quake Clusters, Real Estate, and YOU

It’s YOUR Fault: What’s Shakin’
in Bay Area Real Estate

Home inspections are a fact of life in East Bay real estate, and earthquake inspections factor large in the Berkeley area, but I discovered that they’re not insisted upon over the hills in LaMorinda.  

I’m not sure why. I was raised in Orinda, and we had our share of earthquakes large and small, just as we do in my hometown of Kensington. In fact, we live just a few blocks above a major fault line.

Everyone in the Bay Area worries about “The Big One”, but this morning I discovered some interesting news. The threat of a big distructive earthquake has turned into concern about “quake clusters”
Quoting from the local paper we read that:

“CBS SF) — Earthquake research into scenarios for the next ‘big one’ to hit the Bay Area suggests that the region may by hit by more than one large earthquake within a handful of years instead of a single great earthquake which happens once in a century.

The study to be published in the Bulletin of The Seismological Society of America indicates a cluster of closely-timed major earthquakes in the Bay Area in the 17th and 18th centuries released as much stress accumulated on the region’s major faults as the 1906 San Francisco great earthquake.

The authors of the study say at least two modes of energy release – a great earthquake and a cluster of large quakes closely-spaced together are both possible, and a cluster of large earthquakes is more likely than a single great earthquake.” 

Long story short, no matter where you live in the East Bay, an Earthquake inspection is an important and intelligent part of home ownership.

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