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Financial Friday: Multifamily Multiuse

What Empty Nesters and First Time Home Buyers Have in Common

At first glance, you wouldn’t think that a group that want to sell their homes of long standing and a group that’s brand-new on the housing market have anything in common besides wanting to find a place to live. 

The TYPE of home they seek out, however, is where their interests converge. Both seem to be interested in multifamily units, although their reasons might differ.  Retiring baby boomers/empty nesters are looking for less home to maintain. Young people are wanting the flexible lifestyle a multifamily can provide.  Both, however, are attracted to the generally good walkscores multifamilies commonly have.

These two groups have contributed to the whopping 13.2% Housing Starts in in April, the fastest pace in five months, to a 1.072 million unit annual rate. Those who doubt the housing recovery were quick to point out the very mild 0.8% increase in single family starts, ignoring their 9.8% gain over the past year. Multifamily starts are up much more. 

Whether you’re thinking of selling your now-too-big-for-you home or are looking for your first home purchase in the amazing Bay Area, I’d be honored to help. 

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It’s the best way for you to get a look at first-time-on-the-market properties; and this saves you wasted time and disappointment that happens when you find the perfect home but discover it’s already been sold, a common occurance when using the usual home finding sites like Trulio, Zillow, etc.  They are fun to search, but their information is often out of date. Not so with REAlert.

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