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Moving Into the East Bay–A Guide for Relo Buyers

Sizing Up Your New Housing Needs

Lately I’ve had several buyers who are moving here from out of state (and sometimes out of the country). Many are parents of students who want to find housing for their child as they matriculate at U.C. or another local college. Those folks are going into built-in communities that any college provides: clubs, fraternities, sports, classmates, etc.

Other buyers are the California Dreamers who, having visited the Berkeley area, find that they like the East Bay Style. Now the only question is a matter of tailoring: which East Bay Community will be the best fit?

Here’s where a good local agent can be very useful.  I have a several suggestions.
  • Go to my What’s Next Homes website. There I’ve provided an overview of many local communities and pictures of some of the available high walkscore homes for sale there.
  • Once you’ve found one or two (or three) communities that you like, here is a Community Guide Link that will help.
  • When you’ve narrowed your choices down, we can talk about your budget. Based on my knowledge of the local market, I can tell you which community is the best match for your resources.
  • And, of course, location to schools, your place of business, and other amenities is an important feature. 
  • After these things have been considered, we’ll sign you up for REAlert, which will send you photos and information for homes that match your specifications. On those pages are more detailed information about schools, markets, shops, and restaurants within a certain radius of each home, including location maps that will get you oriented.
Whether you’re moving into the East Bay from across the bay or across the ocean, give me a call at 510-527-0174 and let’s get started. I’m delighted to be of help.

For BUYERS I’ll set up an REAlert account that will search the MLS real estate site–using requirements that you provide–for properties that meet your needs.  Once found, pictures and details will be delivered directly to your email courtesy of Coldwell Banker! 

It’s the best way for you to get a look at first-time-on-the-market properties; and this saves you wasted time and disappointment that happens when you find the perfect home but discover it’s already been sold, a common occurance when using the usual home finding sites like Trulio, Zillow, etc.  They are fun to search, but their information is often out of date. Not so with REAlert.

If you’re specifically interested in high walk score homes, click here to find those that are currently on the market in great East Bay neighborhoods. To learn more, go to go to That House Detective.

For SELLERS, I’ll help you prepare and market your home for sale that will give it the widest appeal and even international exposure; thus attracting a bevy of buyers and the best chance for multiple offers and competitive bidding. To learn more, go to go to What’s Next Homes.
Or, just give me a call at 510-527-0174.